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Great organizations believe in something. They communicate their beliefs creatively and consistently. They attract like-minded employees and customers who share their values---which transcend products and services. Belief-driven organizations stand out from the competition. They are more authentic, harder to imitate, and are more beloved by consumers. Let us help you build a brand that your organization and your customers can believe in.

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  • Consumer Research

  • Brand Strategy Development

  • Marketing Communication Planning

  • Advertising

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website Development

  • Social Media

  • Media Planning & Buying

  • Public Relations


 We believe it's important to work hard and do good. Each year we donate 1-5% of annual profits to organizations helping people eat right and move more.

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Why a farm? Our mission is to grow strong, fertile business ideas. We want to make a big difference to our clients' businesses while also making the world a little bit better place. Since inception, the following donations have been made to help families lead healthier, happier and more financially stable lives:

2017    412 Food Rescue
2018    United Way, FitUnited
2019    Community Kitchen Pittsburgh
2020   United Way Impact Fund
2021    United Way Impact Fund